Vladimir Rogozhin





Being & Law







The Miracle is existence of the laws ofа nature.

E.P. Wigner 



лMy God,

What do the laws of a nature and arithmetic's matter to me,

When for some reason or other I do not like these laws

And I do not like twice two equals four?╗




And the more I reflect, allа the more two things fill

My Soul with new surprise:

The star sky is over me and moral Law is in me.




The understanding of the laws of the World

аis simultaneously partа of the World,

аwhich laws are understood.




аThe Sacred Trinity, while creating the World, acts as Geometrician.

алPreception╗ of assiodor



Mathematics is a science, in which we do not know either

about what we speak, no whether what we confirm is true.




Instead of constant Mind,

receiving teams from a constant Nature

by means of constant principles, we would likeа to find out

changeable perceptional relations

between the variable Man and variable Nature.

St. Toulmin  


The World is All, that takes Place



Moving from different directions

we come to the same conclusion:

we all need the overall and integral philosophical Idea




лBlack september╗ in лCity ofа Testament╗ has cracked a little bit civilization time, paying attention on comprehensionа of general pre-existenceа on the bottom boundary of лabyss of Being╗ at лthe end of one moreа history╗. Grey concrete ashes on Child and the Mother shivering from fear, appealing to all Mankind from the 100-th floor, a hand of Innocent and Doomed force to pro-cogitate again all basis of techno-civilization, to pro-cogitate the World and Man, all his way of лfalls╗ and лbirths╗, hopes and disappointments.


лA semantic frippery╗ in modern epistemosphere (onto-.and acciospher), doubts of intellect, spirit, soul and body tell about its obviously insufficient measure (from sanscrit лMeru╗ - mountain indicating with the top a direction to the Polar Star) or supermesure, spontaneously passing in boundiessness. It is the deepest conceptual metaphysical crisis, лcrisis of the bases╗, лcrisis of cogito╗ in the essence for all history of knowledge. Its essence is in transition from лmetaphysics of force╗ to a metaphysics of source and аits fundamental (absolute) states, to лa metaphysics ofа Point╗. I.e. the task of Knowledge is return to a Proto-Source and attempt to construct newа лbasis╗, the basis of Knowledge, World, Universe.


One day in spring 1996 a conference лSense of Life╗ passed at the Moscow State University. Doctor of psychological sciences, blind and deafа from childhood,а .Suvorovа was the first to speak. A man in dark glasses accompanied for a hand with the young man came to the pulpit. He began reading the report, touching the text with his fingers. The audience silently listened to the scientist. He has finished the report by words: л Everything that I have achieved in life was done due to my mother, her persistence, her heart. She brought up purposefulness and love to life in me. I am sure, that the following stage in evolution of the Mankind is a creation of Philosphere, Sphere of Conceiving Spirit, Sphere of Love╗. After the report the scientist answered the questions. The young man took one palm of Alexander Vasiljevich and transferred the questions to him by pressing the certain site of a palm. The speed of transfer was very high. I should admit, I was amazed with all: the contents of the report, method of a statement, answers to the questions and the way of transfer an idea - through лpoint╗. The word was replaced with лan invisible point╗, set of лpoints╗Е


OntoTopoLogia is the topology of Being, лontology of invisible╗. It is a way to overcome cleaving of knowledge through pro-cogitate ofааа point:а лthat only, directing a rule╗, лmaterial point╗, лideal point╗, лpoint with a germ of a vector╗, лpoint - center╗, лpoint-stay╗, лpoint-coincidence of minimum and maximum╗,а лpoint of determination╗, лpoint singularis╗,аа алpoint - meeting of two worlds╗.


I. ArchaeTektoniKah of Consciousness (Archeology of Temporal Cogito)


аProtagorasа fromа Abderaа gave his own лantropic key╗ to a solution of secret of the World as Whole, having established a principle Homo mensura: лthe Man is a measure of all things existing in their existence, and non existing in their non existence.╗ During 2,5 thousand years philosophers tried to decipher this principle. But лto decipher╗ the Man as a measure meansаа лto understand╗, to understand - means лto grasp structure╗. лTo grasp structure╗ - лto grasp╗ лthe absolute forms of existence╗ (лextremums of existence╗ - лmodus absolutes╗) of thing(process). The form of any thing, including лconceiving╗, on Aristotel, is quintessence of its being, лthe first essence╗.а The form is the minimally generalа beginning, which corresponds to independently existing things and representeа those properties of a thing,а which are inherentаа лin itself╗, necessary and constant modus(fundamental).


In 20th century Russian philosopher V.N.Iljin in his work лStatic and dynamics of the clean form or Sketch of General Morphology╗ has tried to develop Aristotle's doctrine about the form mostly systematical. V.N.Iljin consideredа лGeneral Morphology╗ as лa science, which task is to advance and to prove modern sciences methodologically, - both natural and humanitarian╗. In his unfinished research he makes a conclusion: л There comes ERA of INTRODUCTION in EONIC THINKING...╗, л...STATICS and DYNAMICS of the CLEANа FORM (лGENERAL MORPHOLOGY╗), - withа ITS PHENOMENOLOGICALа FOUNDATION╗.


Pierre Téilhard de Chardin in лPhenomenon of the Man╗ not only staticized the idea of the Form with reference to лconsciousness╗, лspirit╗ and лmatter╗, but also gave his vision of a way of Mankind. He has determined it as movement to лpointа Omega╗, point ofа лthe unity of Mankind╗.


As it is known, physics went to its development in passing лgeomtrization╗. Philosopher and mathematician V.V.Nalimov persisted on лgeometrization╗ of лspirit╗ andа лconsciousness╗.

He set a problem of constructionа лmodel of the Universe self-realizing╗ on the basisа лof uniform language of geometrical representations л.


So, pro-cogitate a way of Mankind from лmost removed senses╗ up to modern лpoint╗. We understand pro-cogitation as лnoble synthesis╗ of mindа acute, mindа geometrical and mindа empathizing.


Axiom of The Way(Freedom of Will): Consciousness is vector quantity (lat. vector Ца bearing). The Vector of Consciousness - a vector absolute (ideal, extreme, fundamental, limiting) statesа of a matter, semantic attractor ("pulling together" senses).


Let's have a look on лVector of consciousness╗ in semantic space- timeа by the example of a vital Way our Great-great-grandfather's father from a valley Oldeway, that in Central Africa at a Mountain Kilimanjaro. This way we understandа лsense╗ extreme simply: лthe Sense is in a direction of something ...╗


Let's name of our Great-great-grandfather's father Protogeometrician.

The first Mark, which he has left to us, is the first stone instrument and weapon - chopper. It was made approximately by 3-5 impacts. This event, this act on лcutting╗ instrument in the form of a triangle from a stone should be considered as firstа even of the Univerce, understood on the one hand as metaphorical лloss╗ of the Man from the Nature, first лfall into sin╗, first лplucking of an apple╗ from the Tree of the knowledge of good end evil, beginning of лcapture╗ of the World, and from another hand - as a beginning of attraction of лthe first absolute form of existence╗ - direct line (sense). This is the beginning of marking and comprehension of the World, first bench mark point on the way of self-comprehension, on the way of marking self-institution, self-constitution.а


It is generally agreed by the majority paleoantropologistes, that itа took place about 2,5 millions years ago. First Mark in the form of a triangle, by which Protogeometrician told about his arrival to the World, that is a mark - лarchae-tekton╗ (лproto-tekton╗, лfirst-tekton╗, лproto-typos╗)а or лfirst-organizing╗.а


Approximately for one million years the choppers of Protogeometrician, rising on steps of abstraction, were more and more improved. He made them by 10-15 strokes.


About 700 thousand years ago mythological Prometheus лhad stolen╗ лparticle╗ of the Sun Ц Fire from the God. It was another event of the Universe, лthe second fall into sin╗. And most significant in being sense, for лat the bottom╗, where he лfell╗ after that even more of 700 thousand years, he was лexpected╗ by a nuclear bomb.а After thisаа second лplucking of an apple from the Tree of knowledge╗, the knowledge лthe second and third╗ of the absolute forms of existence╗ - лcircle - cycle╗ and лwave╗ through magic actions and dances syncretic around of fire, contemplation of fire, лby measures inflammable and measures extinguished began.


Choppers of a Protogeometrician continued to be improved. They were cut down already by 25-30 impacts. And this Knowledge of manufacturing instruments (gun, piece of ordnance), Knowledge - Trial, was passed from generation to generation. This way the Time, time as Burden, Memory appeared.

лBirth╗ of the modern man, neoantrop (homo sapiens sapiens!) took place approximately of 35-40 thousand years ago. We understand лbirth╗ mostly as his universal moving on open spaces of the Earth.


To this time chopper of the neoantrop was even more improved - was made already by 100-120 impacts. Thus, Man лmastered╗ direct line, the firstа лabsolute form of existence╗ in object approximately 2,5 million years, the second and the third - лcircle╗ and лwave╗, approximately 700 thousand years!


Onions was invented by Protogeometrician approximately of 15 thousand years ago. This event can be understood as fastening in objectivity лof the absolute forms of existence╗. Approximately in the same time Man has made a boat and sail. The knowledge лof the absolute forms of existence╗ became more and more profound.


About 30 thousand years ago European neoantropus, by using painting in caves of Europe, has left the first marks лSacred trinity╗: images of the Horse, Bull and mountain Goat (Sheep). It was the beginning of comprehension of triunity of All, knowledge The Absolute, as Beginnings of the World, manifesting in an Symbol.


Approximately 8-10 thousand years ago Man has invented potter's wheel. This event is one of the few events, which mark by themselves beginning Neolithic revolution. Spiritually Neolithic revolution should be named correctly as the most significant metaphysical turn, beginning of the most deep stage of inversion of Consciousness - лcentauric era╗. Our Protogeometrician screwed insolence - he has saddled лthe sacred Horse╗, putted into лthe sacred Bull╗ and what he made with л by a sacred Goat╗ is well known to everybodyЕ That was the thirdа event of the Universe -а the third лfall into sin╗. Where heа лwas falling╗? He continued лto fall╗ in own лEgo╗ - лthe country Ego╗, grasping the World, лpressing╗ the information in the лbottom╗ floors of consciousness. Thus the process of self-knowledge, self-comprehension was continued.


So, the Protogeometrician rose on new and new floors of abstraction and лfell╗ downward from there. And the more he лrose╗, the лbelow╗ he fell. Why Protogeometrician distracted during the process of knowledge? From the World as Whole. He mentally did лincisions╗ from the World as Whoule and constructed the artificial World on this basis.


аLast notable break to knowledge лof the absolute forms of existence╗, step in distinction of the forms of a basis of Being is invention of a Wheel, and then their fastening in a Symbol - Pyramids (Egyptians and others). It is known, that equilateral triangle, by top directed upwards, was a Symbol of the Law, God and Tree of Life in Ancient Egypt.


лA goddess of justice and order╗ Maat was aа guardian and keeper of the Just Law (лKa-Noon╗,а лCanon╗) laying in the basis of Being in Egypt.а The most ancient hieroglyph Maat reflects straightness of throne pedestal, which symbolically represented a primary hill. Kah is one of three souls of the man - Àh, Bàh, Kah.аа Kah was considered as the double in shape, butа invisible. Kah, as well as Bah, came into world together with newborn, she was his patroness and at the same time abstract essence. Kahа lived by her ownа life, but always near to the man - owner.


Unfortunately лmathematics╗ of Ancient Greece, has lost the connection with The Source because of лesoterics╗ diligence, their rigid rules of лsecret╗, лclosed╗ communities. Quite probably, it was the quite realized act of лforgetting╗. Thus, mathematics from knowledge vital and sacral, in which лjustice╗ was and remained лa loved thing of the God╗, gradually, turned to лscience╗, which has been torn off from a Source. The result of this лwonderful╗ transformation is loss of the Basis.


In ancient times, even before birth of Pyramids and invention of a Wheel, people, basing only on лcommon sense╗, had practically one, clear for everything, picture of the World. In its basis the trivial idea was laid: the Earth base on three whales, three elephants or three turtles... Thanks to trinity лbasis╗ - лAlive Trinity╗, all depth of Life was understood in a лclear and distinct╗ uni-form Symbol...


In the Middle Ages a whole tradition, which came from antiquity and epoch of an early Christianity, of using geometrical image of a circle (sphere) for clearing a parity Divine hipostasis (gr. hipostasis - essence, basis, foundation) existed.


N.Kuzanus compares The God to the maximal circle, at which, by virtue of uniqueness of a maximum, center, diameter and circle are identical. Explaining why the God is trinityа etc., N.Kuzanus uses an image of a triangle as elementary of poligons: лthe four-coal figure is not minimal, that is obvious, as the triangle is less than it; it means thatа elementary maximum, which can coincide only with a minimum, tetragon, alwaysа consequently greater minimum...╗

Trinity theа Absolute is submitted by J.Kepler in another way: лThe Image trinity of the God is a spherical surface: The God - Father is at the center, The God - Son - on an outside surface, and The God - Spirit Sacred - in equality of the relations between a point and surface╗.

R.Guardini in his research лThe End of New era╗ marked, that for the man antique and medieval there is no usual for us representation of infinite spatially - temporary continuum. For them both, the world is limited Whole, which has outlines and form of a sphere.

In New time the reconsideration of medievalа epistemosphere begins. The world becomes boundless. The direct line, serving in antique and medieval philosophy as a model infinity, supersedes as an ideal a circle (sphere). R.Descartes and I.Newton were developing metaphysics of лbreak╗, they rejected the idea of лvital trinity╗ as bases of the World.

As is known, I.Newton did not understand (or did not want to understand) all metaphysical depth of a Sacred Trinity and developed his own variant of metaphysics and physics first of all for foundation of a unitaian theological position. Despite of Church opposition, and he worked in Trinity College and was left there only under the decree of the English King, лtransfer of authority from Revelation to the facts╗, went on after I.Newton лwith appreciable acceleration╗. His statement, that лof hypotheses do not compose╗, was obvious slyness. Solving лpro-cogitate of action of the God up to the Act of Creation╗, I.Newton has put in the basis of his Physics only one metaphysical hypostasis of Absolute Ц linear(лlinear extremum of existence╗). I.Newton and his followers managed to break through metaphysical лa circle invisible, but imperious╗ and to raise on a new level - level of creation лof rigid object senses╗. It was the beginning of epoch (in a science and culture) лof rigid object thinking╗ - construction лmechanical╗ World, in which man and nature struggled against each other ever more. лBreak╗ of New time (metaphysical turn) was simultaneously and beginning of a closing stage лof disintegration of union Mathematics and Religion╗. (R.Hersh).

Two centuries after I.Newton, when the mechanical picture of the world was already prevailing, I.Kant, criticizing лthe clean Mind╗, tried to carry out conceptually - figured synthesis by means of idea transcendental schematism to behold the world as Whole. But he could not do that maybe, because of a insufficient level of лesoterical╗ (penetration in лclosed╗ - лthing-in-itself╗) and depth of the abstraction.


A little bit later G.W.F.Hegel also failed, while solving лthe code fixing measurements ofа being of the Whole╗. The reason what that, while opening a riddle of an absolute way of existence or лbeing-for-self╗, he лdrove╗ the World in abstract лconcept╗ and, as a result, asа Kant, he could not лsynthesize╗ it with лfigure╗ in a concrete Symbol, which could become a representant ofа лfundamental generate structure╗. As a result, лabsolute Idea л, лto by crucified╗а on лtrivet╗, constructed as лthe transitive triad╗ - лthesis-antithesis-synthesis╗, did not become a key to deepа dialectics ofа лbeing - nothing╗ as process and its measure - binding link of categories of direct being and categories of sphere of essence.ааа

Metaphysical лcrisis of the foundations╗ in a science for the first time was noticed in the first half 19th century with opening non-euclidian geometry, development of the theories of thermodynamics and electromagnetism. It fully reveled itself in the first third of 20th century with occurrence of the theory of a relativity and quantum mechanics. This crisis developed in parallel with welfare crisis ofа European civilization.

лThe crisis of the foundation╗ affected especially hard on mathematics. лMathematical epidemics╗ shook лempress of sciences╗ since the end of 19 century, when G.Cantor researches, лscattered points in continuum╗, brought mathematicians лto border of incomprehensible╗. лClean╗ mathematics could find a support only having returned to a Source of Knowledge. But all attempts of Mathematics foundation in first half XX-ì century (logicism, formalism, intuitionism, constructivism) were not crowned with success. Pessimism because of лlosses of definiteness╗ slinked in mathematical community more and more.

In 1946 H.Weyl marked: лNow we are less than ever sure in the primary foundations ofа mathematics and logic. We experience our лcrisis╗ just as everybody in the modern world experience it╗ Е The situation with лfoundations╗ did not change to the beginning XXI of century.

V Perminov in his workа лThe Philosophy and Foundation of Mathematics╗ marks: лIt is necessary to find out The new philosophy of mathematics, which will clear up the special status of mathematical thinking and sources of its reliability. It is doubtless, that initial item of this new philosophy should be understanding of categorial basis of mathematical idealization and logic╗. We understanding it in the way that the category should be only one and the only limiting - generalizedа markа лproto-tekton╗ should be in its basis.

That such approach will give an opportunity to unit the main principles and concepts of the programs of foundation: logisism (лlogos╗ as лmeasure╗ and лway╗ to лthe norm╗), formalism (лform╗ as the first essence plus a principle finitism of D.Gilbert: лoperating with infinite can be reliable only through finite╗) and more deep volumetric constructive intuitivism, based on idea of a conceptual - figured synthesis, on concepts ofа лprotoeidos╗, лsymmetry╗, лinvariant╗, geometrical evidence,а primary representations aboutа identity and diversity.

In 20th century physic and cosmology also approached лto border incomprehensible╗. All attempts of construction of a unity and not inconsistent picture of the World carried out in 20-ì century on the basis of such лnot so clear and not so distinct╗ concepts as лthe curved empty space╗, лBig Bang╗, лa black hole╗, лsingularity╗, лspatial - temporary foam╗, лsuper string╗, лsuper string vacuum╗, лsubstation-grate╗,а лchaos - order╗,а лuncertainty╗ appeared to be vain. The knowledge still remained divided and unfounded. As a result total relativismа лhas taken for a throat╗ not only science, but also socium.

Let's recollect the famous statement of À.Einstein: лThe God does not play in dice╗. It means thatа A.Einstein also tried to solve лpro-cogitate of action of the God up to the Act of Creation╗ while construction of a complete physical picture of the World. What is that лProvidence (pro-cogitate) of the God╗, which philosophers and physics try to solveа all the time? The majority of them come to belief, that it is just determined metaphysical лthe uniform plan╗, and in a basis of its constructionа should lay only one лёoncept╗.

 Then which лconcept╗?а This is extreme generalа лconcept╗ - Law (Logos,Canon).

Then, in spite of the fact that a science and philosophy always search and establish the various laws, why this Law(Logos,Canon) did not become hard and uni-form basis?

The thing is that Philosophy лdrove╗ Tthe Law into лverbal concept╗, and physics лdisjoin╗ The Law on privateа лlaws╗а and лdrove╗ them in the formulas (лguessing of equations╗). And what is лformula╗? It is only л a clipping╗ from the Being.а But to learn the World as Whole is necessary to invent not лthe science of the formulas and formalizations╗, but лScience of the Forms╗. For this it is necessary to give The Law itsа лLawful Place or according to Kant determination лtranscendentalа topoi of concept╗. Andа лtopoi╗ should not be лsuper-measure╗. But лto determine transcendentalа topoi of concept╗а and to observe лmeasure╗ means to find out new views on лSpace╗, лto seize╗ itа of the apriori forms , i.e. itsа apriori structure. Here an idea of a conceptual - figured synthesisаа can help us.

During the 20th century physicists лconstructed╗ various models of Space - Time, beginning from 4 - measuredа ofа Minkowski, then 5-measured ofа Calutsa, further 6-7-8 -è, 10-11- and even лas much as you would like╗ measuredа space-time. But all attemptsа лto squeeze╗ total information about the World and Man in such лmeasures╗ were not crowned with success. The situation was especially hard with the conceptа of лtime╗, itsа modus: лpast╗, лpresent╗, лfuture╗. It is completely clear, that the model лhomomeasureа Universe╗ can't be constructed with exclusion one of these three modus of time, as the лordinary╗ consciousness will reject such лmodel╗ as incomplete.

II. Topology of Being.

We proceed from our aim - to reach лby a twisting track to solar tops of a triviality╗ and we shall understand лgeometrizing╗ The Law (Logos), on the one hand, as the limiting - steady basis, on another - as лembracing╗. It is metamathematical (metageometrical) construct, in which minimum and maximum, should coincide.

As we marked earlier, in Ancient Egypt The Law (and also The God and Tree of Life) was designated as a equilateral triangle by top directed upwards. In a basis of its construction lays the movement of thought(лontology of mind╗) along direct line, wave andа circle. And, the triangle should be necessarily equilateral, as the idea of equality, justice, harmony or symmetry is laid in such a triangle.

E.Wigner has noted, that the principle of symmetry (geometrical, dynamic, structural) is related to лto the laws of a nature╗ the same way as лthe laws of a nature╗ are related to phenomena, i.e. symmetry лoperates╗ л the laws ofа nature╗, and лthe laws ofа nature╗ in turn лoperate╗ the phenomena. He divided development of physics into three periods: opening of the empirical laws (up to I.Newton), formulation of the basic equations of physics (Newton, Maxwell) and opening of a principle of symmetry (physics of XX century). But whether it is really so? You see the principle of symmetry is nothing else but ancient principle of harmony of the World or later, already in New time,а лprinciple garmonia praestabilis╗ from Leibniz. So, we shall name лprinciple of symmetry╗ as лProto-Principle╗(лferst principle╗, лfundamental principle╗) or лLaw of the laws╗, which carries out the following functions: institution (constitutional, fundamental, basic), organizing (лmark-tecton╗), restrictive (лtaboo╗, лinterdiction╗), identifying, coordinating (distinctions),а directing (лway╗, лsense╗).

On the basis of Tradition we formulate Axiom of Beginning:лIn The Beginning There Was The Law (of лLife╗, лDevelopment╗,а лLove╗, лJustice╗, лHarmony╗, лSymmetry╗, лEternity╗, лForm╗, лhierarchical compensatios╗, лnecessary variety╗, лpower extremeness╗Е Ц лLogos╗, лNomos╗, лCanon╗, лKah-Noon╗, лDao╗...)...╗

Compare with modern лphysical╗: лIn the Beginning There was a лLarge Explosion╗Е

Plato tried to construct лthe Idea╗ and to put its in the basis of the World on the base of an equilateral triangle Ц лheavenly triangle╗ (which he defined its as лmeasure of sensual things╗), but he could only лgeometrize╗ лelements╗ of the antique world: лground╗, лair╗, лfire╗, лwater╗ and лether╗. But Plato was not able to construct a complete image of what лdoes not vary in transformations╗ -а the harmonic structureа of the volumetric musical cosmic soul. It is obvious, that antique thinking still was not capable лto geometrizeid╗а in consistent way mutability and constancy of Being,ааа to constructe a symbolа of лuniform idea╗а fromа лthe circle of identity╗ andа лthe circle of diversity╗. One of the reasons Ц лPyphagorasа numerical syndrome╗, to which was subject Plato ЕЕ

For Aristotle the triangle was лrepresentant of a thing in general╗. On its basis syllogistic and лformal logic╗ were constructed. But was it лformal╗ enough? The development of science has showed, that it was not лformal╗ enough.

The concept of "measure" as "representant" develops inа HegelФs logic. "Measure"а acts as means of comparison of any subjects, it representsа their abstract generality and expresses the qualitative quantityа fixing an originality of a subject. Thus "measure" as unity of quality and quantityа carries outа a role of the link connecting categories of direct life with categories, describing sphere of essence. But Hegelа has not developedа the jdea of PlatoТsа "triangle" as geometrical image of "measure". лThe Modern philosophical dictionary╗ approaches us to this "figurative - conceptual" definition of "measure": "frame" Е, л in which the thing or system remain in unity of the quality and quantity, i.e. itself ╗.

We shall name an equilateral triangle from three vectors expressing лthe scheme of syllogism╗ or лthe elementary thinking act╗ as Quantum of Mind-Action (Formo-Quantum, Quantum-Prototekton) or лDelta╗ - - understood as a symbolа ofа лlimiting field of actions - states╗, лa limiting field of fundamental states ofа matter ╗, лa field ofа existencials-extremums╗,а лlimite invariant╗ - лprotomatrix╗. One of meanings of the Greek word matrix is лsource╗. Tops of лDelta╗ are the points of coincidence of maximum and minimum of fundamental states ofа mattergnô-topoi╗-лγνω-topoi╗,а лaion-topoi╗,а лtranscendental topoiа of the absolute forms of existence╗, лfundamental extremums╗, лexistencials-extremums╗, лfundamental quasistatic equilibriums╗), which are symmetric to лgenerate Center╗ (лSource of states╗). The sides of лDelta╗ are relations ofа лtranscendental topoi╗а of fundamentalа states of mater or лconstants of Universe╗.а

As it is known, the triangle has three invariant Ц three лtranscendental figures╗. Every Invariant - лtranscendental figures╗ is all at once аeidos (limiting image), gnosis (sum of limiting transitions), measure (qualitative quantitative), matrix (лlimiting frame╗ ofа process) andа law (stability of process, limiting way, лfundamental cycle╗).а

The firstа Invariantа is Eidos, Measure and Law ofа лthe first absolute form of existence╗, space of linear state, space of open multi-modus, space clean potentiality, space of Absolute Sense(Way). Its лtranscendental scheme╗ (лabsolute modus╗): лthe cartesian box╗,а лcalibericа block╗, лsemantic atom╗.

The second Invariant - Eidos, Measure and Lawа ofа лthe second absolute form of existence╗, space ofа dinamic state, space of the closed multi-modus, space of the Absolute Dine (лobject╗- лabsolute modus╗: алantique sphere╗,а лcorpuscule╗, лdine-atom╗).


The third Invariant - Eidos, Measure and Law ofа лthe third absolute form of existence╗, space of wave condition, space clean standing, space of the Absolute Wave ((лobject╗- лabsolute modus╗:а лcylinder╗, лtunnel╗).


Each of three лmeasures╗(лInvariant absolute╗) has its own Way outgoing from a unity Beginning, Primary Sourse Ц лGenerate Centre╗. Three Ways are a Way of Absolute Sense (absolute metric vector, vector linear state of matter), Way of Absolute Spirit (absolute wave vector, vector of wave state of matter) and Way ofа Absolute Body (absolute dine vector, vector of dine state of matter). The orientation of each Way differs in phase one from another on 120 degrees. And together they establish through a Symbol unfusion, unseparable, consubstantial Triunity Way ofа Absoluteа understood as a way ofа Eidos in its Self-movement. It also is known as лAbsolute Idea╗,а лLaw of laws╗, лCanon╗ or generalized Principle of Symmetry of fundamentalа states ofа Absolute (Matter).


Triunity Way ofа Absolute is shown as triunity (лabsolute╗, л natural╗) system of coordinates of states (лtranscendental scheme╗)а - Cartesian rectangular (linear or лsemantic╗), cylindrical (wave, лspiritual╗) and spherical (лdynamic╗, лcorporal╗). They are ontological equivalents: non-infusion (in everyone лway╗), inseparable (pro-cogitate one - we лbase on two others hipostasis╗) and consubstantial (under the absolute Form). It also is looked for лuniform gnosiological absolute╗, looked for absolute (natural) system of coordinates of states, metaphysical лcarcass╗ (лR-Frame╗, лgeneral categorical framework╗) of Being (World, Universe). It can be considered asа лtranscendental scheme╗ of the metaphysical Generator (Source) of triunity of states ofа Absolute, лSpace of Soul╗, лForm of the forms╗. Firstа hipostasis is shown as linear states (senses, ways), second - wave, third - dines. The function of лCarcass╗ is foundation, coordination and regulation of processа of World formation. Three symmetrically centralized Proto-Eidos form лSymbol of symbols╗, лProtosimbol╗а as the metamathematical object -а enneagramme( nine-pointed star).


The nine-pointed star, лStar ofа Univerce╗ or лSymbol of Justice╗ аas the basic cultural symbol is a representative of ancient chinese лmagic matrix Lo-Shu╗, лmatrix 3x3╗.аа Plato named space as лGoodmather╗ or лPlace for all born╗╗ Ц лMatrix╗, and also as лWet-nurse╗ (Matter). The enneagramme came to Europe in the 16th century and was understood by лesothericos╗ as лphilosophical stone╗, лcrystal of true╗.


The enneagramme as a symbolа proto-structure of the World is symbol of Absolute Memory of Whole or Time - Eternity. I.Kantа consideredа лtranscendental scheme╗ as time. Time is homogeneous with a category: the category is cleanа unity ofа multi-modus. Time is also unity of multi-modus in cleanа evident representation. Time makes form of presentation, i.e. sensuality, it contains in any empirical representation ofа multi-modus. The contemplation of self-movement of Proto-Eidos is birth of Time. The moment of transition on a new level of Being, ontological structure which is identical to a previous level, there is a Time the Present.а It is possible to presents it as a pointа - the top of лa light cone╗.


The future Time, external structural characteristic of Whole, - is Time in Potency or Time as Burden Due and Possible. Thus true Absolute Space- Time is Triunity (Absolute) 12-dimensional Space - Time. Space, in which we can find three linear measurements (clean potentiality), three dynamics (clean actuality) and three waves (clean standing), plus three absolute temporaries (structural statesа of a matter on levels of being) - the past, the present and the future. This лfundamentalа structure-mother╗, submitted as Symbol also is required as лmodel of the Universe self-realizing╗, лthe absolute invariant╗, лmeta-algorithm╗, theаа model of proto-process,а basis and construct of Unity Knowledge and World. It includes two лpictures╗: static steady Being of Parmenides and eternally fluid Being of Heraclitus.


лThe fundamentalа structure-mother╗(лfundamental nomic structure╗, лgeneral categorical framework╗)аа creates лthe house of true of Being╗ - linear - wave-dine language, with which the Beingа talks to us. Our task - itа лto understand╗ Е It is clear, that there would be enough Space in such лhouse╗ for everyone, who recognizes The Law of Life understood as лLaw of Love╗: аалChooses the One Who Should Be Born╗ (Axiom ofа Absolute Choice). It is quite possible, that the Mankind will be have to return to model of Space again, which existed in times of Heraclitus: лThe Eternity is playing Child, which places draughts; the Empire above the World belongs to the Child╗. It is identically to modern postulate of synergetic: лThe future temporizing the present╗.


лThe Law of Love╗ can also be formulated by A. Stifter's words: лWe shall try to make visible the tender Law, by which we conduct a Mankind. The Law, which demands, that everyone should exist as dear, esteemed and also inviolable together with others, that everyone could pass the main human road surrounded with love and admiration of neighbors, that everyone should be kept as a treasure, because each man is a treasure for another╗.


аIf we make temporalаа лgeomtrization╗ of лCogito ergo sum╗ ofа Descartes (point of coincidence cogito and sum)а andа лmaterial point╗а ofа I.Newton, we shall receiveа Eternal Cogito-Sourse:а лI amа Point, лThinking Thing╗, Triunity Reality(three in once)╗.аа It isаа theа Absolute Loneliness...


Thus, лcatching╗а of Protheus ofа Nature, well known allegory of matter, occurredа with лthe help╗ hisа daughterа - лthe goddesses of the Form╗ Eidotheia. Does she act fairly? That is the question to the daughtersЕ


For those, who disagrees with the fact that лIn The Beginning There Was Theа Law (Logos)...╗ and who will feel too tightа inа triуnity (absolute) 12-measure Space - Time, we can tell that probably there is also other way to True, other Absolute Space - Time.а лAll subjects should be doubted!╗, Ц the great Cartesius told us. лThat is true╗ Ц Maat would agreeЕ



The ideas OntoTopoLogia were represented on XX the Worldа Congress of Philosophy, Boston, USA, 1998, on I. II. IIIа the Russian philosophic Congresses, 1997-2002.



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